Candy Bar: A tempting option to sweeten your day

The sweet tables or “candy bar” are an attractive element that conquers the guests. And although it is always a good time to let yourself be tempted by a sweet bite, it is at the party when they have absolute prominence. They are also very attractive and visual, since they are custom designed for your wedding. And without a doubt, they become one of the favorite spots for the sweetest palates.

The “candy bar” is a constant attraction during the open bar. That perfect bite to eat in one sitting, and continue with the party. And something like that… Who can resist? To create a sweet table that is as tempting as it is unique, we have several options that will delight those with a sweet tooth.

French pastry candy and sweets

It is the most sophisticated option. On this sweet table, delicious bites of French pastries are served that surprise with their incredible flavor. They are a perfect option when what you are looking for is an unconventional and very attractive candy bar for the palate. Plus, treats are included. The perfect cherry on top for a delicious bite.

Candy de donuts y golosinas

This sweet table is one of the most requested. It includes donuts and of course, sweets! A “candy” like this needs few introductions. Furthermore, all this under a harmonious setup on a table, decorated with floral elements and a space created exclusively to be the undisputed protagonist of the open bar.

Candy de chuches

Para los apasionados de las golosinas, ¡este es su “candy bar” perfecto! En el se integran caramelos de tonalidades similares y en diferentes alturas para que quede tan delicioso a la vista como al paladar. Si hay una estética o temática concreta, también se puede personalizar, ya que las opciones son infinitas.

Among the extra services that you can include in your wedding, the sweet table is a success among the guests, it livens up the open bar and is a corner that always adds aesthetically. Therefore, we always recommend it. And…Who can resist a sweet?